Marketing Partners

Last Modified: Jul, 2024

GrantAssistanceForYou (the “Website” or “we”) has entered into strategic relationships with certain partner companies (“Marketing Partners”) in an effort to help fulfill the requests you have made on our website concerning various deals, offers, or opportunities (the “Offers”). By requesting such information you are providing a digital signature and expressly consenting to receiving a phone call from such Marketing Partners, at the phone number provided on our signup page. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, below we have aggregated a list of our current marketing partners who may be in contact with you based on the Offers you have asked to receive more information about.

The following is a list of our call center/marketing partners. A select group of these partners may contact you by telephone and/or SMS text messaging.

1-800-LAW-FIRM, 365 Marketing Group, LLC,
ACA - Benepath, ACA - HealthyQuotes, ACA Helpline, ADT, ADT Solar, AMG, AP Gas & Electric,, Absolute Health, Absolute Health Agents, Ad Heavens - ADH, AffiMedia B.V., Affordable Health Associates Llc, Agency Pro, Aid4Families, Aid4Me, All Web Leads, Alleviate Financial, Alleviate Tax, Allied, Allied Insurance, American Benefits, American Benefits Zone, American Family Assistance, American Health Marketplace, American Health Reform Solutions, American Police Officers Alliance, AmericanReliefNet, Americans Resource Center, Americor, Amerilife Group, LLC, Ameriquote, Ameriquote Inc., Aragon Advertising LLC, Autistic Children of America, Auto Accident Team, Auto Travelers
BIO-Genetics Laboratory, Banker's Life Insurance, BenefitsTeam, Bennett FMO, Bennett Insurance Agency, Best-Sweeps, Beyond My Beneifts, Big Sky Debt Relief, Big-Sweeps, Bigly Sales, BlissXO, Buchanan & Associates, Bye To Rent
Camp Lejeune Justice, Capital Access Alliance, Care One, Centerville Disability, Century Support, Citizens Disability, Claim Advisory Helpline, Claim Your Benefits, Clean Choice Energy, Cleansky Energy, ClearOne Advantage, LLC, Clickmatize, LLC dba Ampry, Client Consent, Comfort Care, Complete Home Services, Consumer Coalition, Consumer Concierge, Consumer Protection Group, Conversely, Cooper Marketing Group, Cosmopolitan Consumer Group, Cover Care Insurance Services LLC, CoverMedNow, Credit Card Debt Advisors, Credit Card Help Desk, Credit9
DH Insurance Group, LLC, DJ Financial Group, DJS Digital, DS Prospecting, DSN Information, DV Injury Law, DV Injury Marketing, DailyMogul, Debt Freedom Group, Debt Genie, Debt Relief Advocates, Debt Relief Center,, DebtQuote, Degree Search, Digital Thrive, DisabilityPath, Dynamic Insurance Services
EarnFrequently, Elite Agency, Elite Financial, Enhance Health LLC, Enhance Operating LLC, Everything Medicare
FX Auto Rate, Family Forever Foundation, Federal Tax Law Group, Financial Relief Center, Find Me Health Insurance, Forward Leap Marketing Debt Boss, Funnl LLC
GO2Bank, Garland Capital LLC, Genco Ventures, Gershfeld Law Group, Get Me Healthcare,, Global Telecom Investors LLC, Gotham Medicare Advantage, Greenacres Network, Greenfield Advantage, Grocery Delivery E-Services USA, Inc. d/b/a HelloFresh, Guardian Tax, GuideToInsure
HAH LLP, Happy Home Insider, Health Advisors, Health Benefit Plans, Health Coverage Helpers, HealthCare HD,, Heard & Smith, Heilbrun Law, HelloFresh, Helpdesk Insurance Advisors, HigherEducating, Home Services USA, Horse Race Capital
I Moved Up, ITP, Iconic Debt Relief, Iconic Results, Ideal Tax, Impact Debt Relief LLC, Inbound Pro, InboxPower, Indra Energy, Indra Energy Administration, Infinity One, Innovative Teleservices, Insurance Guide, Insurance Line One, Insurance Supermarket Inc, InsuranceGuide, Insure Choice, InsureaLife, Integriant Ventures Insurance Services, Integrity Marketing, Integrity Tax Relief Group, Intoleads B.V.
JD Atlantic, JRPR Digital, Jobbly Pro
Keystone Interactive LLC, Kids Safety Network, Kinetiq, Kiwi Energy, Kratos Gas
LF Media Inc, LIT Enterprise Group LLC, LR Inc & Partners, Land Run ads, LeadClient, Inc., Learn To Achieve, LeasdDNA, Legacy Health Advisors, Legal Assist, Legal Associates, Legal Growth Marketing, Legal Services Office, LegalClaimAssistant, Liberty Aid Network, Loop Holdings, LLC, Loop Marketers, LuminWolt, loandepot LLC
MAPD Help Desk LLC, MAPD HelpDesk Insurance Agency LLC, MTM Group, MTM Group LLC, Magnitude Health Associates, Massachusetts Gas and Electric, Mayberry Advisors Insurance, Mayhill Homes, Med Advantage Advisors, Media Delivery Solutions LLC, Media Devoted 1 ApS, Mediator Law Group, Medigap Life, Medium Nicoleta, Mega-Sweeps, Milberg Law, Milimedia, Mixed Media Holdings Inc., Momentum Solar, Money Solvers, Morena Global (The Debt Aid), Move A Meal, My Medication Helper, My Term Life Guy
NWCC, National Assistance Center, National Association of Chiefs of Police, National Disability, National Fidelity Financial, National Medicare, NationalBenefitClub, NationalHomeProject, Nestegg Solution, New American Funding, NewStrata, No Cost ACA, No Cost ACA Dos, LLC, No More Pill Bottles, Nocturnal, Nocturnal Enterprises LLC, Nordic Energy, Northstar Insurance Advisors
Oak Street Health, OnPoint Energy Holdings, LLC, Open Access Insurance, LLC, Optimal Debt Solutions, LLC, Optimal Health Network Inc, Otis Productions
PREMIER PRODUCERS GROUP INSURANCE ADVISORS, Palatium Choice, Palo Media Group LLC, Paradise Health Solutions Inc., Peachtree Debt, Peachtree Debt Settlement, Peak Advertising, Pennsylvania Gas And Electric, Pennsylvania Tourism Office of the Department of Community and Economic Development, Pinnacle Syndicate LLC, PolicySavings, PolicyScout, Premier Partners, ProWolt, Progressive Debt, Protege Digital, Providing For Seniors, Public Outreach LLC
Ran Wild Productions, Rate Quote, Real Estate Bidders, LLC, Rescue One, Results Generation Group, LLC, RetirementSMART, Rex Direct, Rise Up Debt Solutions LLC
Save Today, SaveToday, Schlichter Bogard, LLP, School Match Pro, Sedona Ventures, Select Justice, LLC, Sell My House Fast, LLC, Signature Medicare, Sixteen Media, Smart Money Capital, Solar Landscape LLC, Spark Energy, Spark Marketing, Spring Power and Gas, Standard Conversions, Stern Investment Group, Sun Power, Super-Jobs, Super-Sweepstakes, Superior Home, Support First, SweepstakesHunter, Symmetry Energy, Synergy Debt, Synergy Insurance, Synergy Insurance Marketing, Synergy Marketing Associates Inc.
Tax Defense Network, Tax Defense Network, LLC, Tax Law Advocates, Tax Relief Advocates, Td Edge Media, The Accident Helpers, The Accident Office, The College Degree, The Health Center, The HealthScout, The Legal Helpers,,, Tort Defenders, TruAlliant, Trudova, Trudova LLC, TrueChoice Agency, TrueSerums, Trusted Auto Quotes, Trusted Credit Care, Trusted Health Quotes, Trusted Life Quotes,, Typhon Interactive, LLC, theFHTA
US MED, USGE ( U.S. Gas and Electric), Unified Marketing Partners, LLC, Unilever, United Family Network, Universe Marketing LLC, University Bound and Education Directory, Us Health Advisors, Useful Utilities
VIP Click, Value Reactor, Vitamatic
WCMD Services, WGL, Walton Telken LLC, Watson Law, Wicked Good Leads, Wise Choice Lending
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